Mar 19, 2012
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World Voices: Have You Ever Been Naked In A Public Place? Have Your Say

Naked Questions

As that guy from that Kony video is taken to hospital for his naked outburst, we asked our experts if they have ever gone naked in public...

Concerned Citizen
Major Billy Crystal, Army

"I wore one of those t-shirts with a bare chest printed on it and a pair of pink colored trousers once. Does that count?"

Shocked Man
Cmd Jimmy Riddle, Secret Service

"Technically speaking, taking a naked shower at a public swimming pool is a public place, right? That's what I told the police. I didn't even know they had showers for the under 15's these days."


Jim Brader, Push Ups Coach, Under 12s

"I have done all the usual frat things of going into the supermarket naked to buy beer of course, but I always wore shoes and a hat and a pair of flesh colored underpants."

Old Gipper
Berry Fruitcake, Chief Executive Cup Cakes International

"My body looks like I'm wearing one of those comedy human cow suits anyway so I think I could get away with it."

Ape Man

Johnny Roten, Moon Screamer

"Speaking as a gorilla-hairy man I like nothing better than taking a nocturnal ramble bereft of clothing when the weather is warm, although, as I age, I need to spend an increasing amount of time blow drying my midriff for what they call in the adverts added body and bounce."

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