Mar 24, 2012
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World Voices: Borat Comedy Anthem Used In Real Awards Ceremony. Have Your Laugh

You couldn't make this up

Mariya Dimtriyenko wins a gold medal for target shooting at the 10th Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait.

At the awards ceremony the organisers accidentally played the Borat comedy Kazakhstan national anthem, and it's rude...

Words to Borat's comedy Kazakhstan national anthem
Kazakhstan greatest country in the world all other country's are run by little girls.
Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium!
Other countries have inferior potassium.
Kazakhstan home of the Tinshein swimming pool it's length thirty metre and width six metre.
Filtration system a marvel to behold, it removes 80 percent of human solid waste.
Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, you very nice place, from Plains of Tarashenk to Northern Fence of Jew Town.
Kazakhstan, friend of all except Uzbekistan, they very nosey people with bone in their brain.
Kazakhstan, industry best in the world, we invented toffee and the trouser belt.
Kazakhstan, prostitutes cleanest in the region, except of course for Turkmenistan's.
Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, you very nice place, from Plains of Tarashenk to Northern Fence of Jew Town.
Come grasp the mighty penis of our leader, from junction with testes to tip of its face

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YouTube: Kuwait event plays Borat obscene parody as Kazakhstan national anthem

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Concerned Citizen
Big Bob Jr, Office Manager

"Ha ha ha. Ho Ho Ho. Yaaaaaa. Ha Ha ha."

Shocked Man
Billy Joe Jim Bob, Red Neck Impersonator



Mitch Baywatch, Breast Beater

"Yoooo hoooooo haaaaaaaa. Yaaaaaaa ha ha ho ho aaaahhhh!"

Old Gipper
Harry Pantaloon, Personal Shopper

"Oooooo ooooooooo ooooooo aaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaa a aaaa a o ooo ooo..."

Ape Man

Ben Werewolf, News Reader

"Ya ha ha haaaaa haaaaaa ho ho yo ya ya ya hhhhhhoooo yaaaaaaa haaa ha ha haaaaa"

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