Feb 6, 2011
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Exclusive: Get Your Super Bowl 2012 Half Time Show Flip The Finger / Finger Malfunction Souvenir Tie In

Finger Flap

For a limited time only you can enjoy your very own Super Bowl 2012 Half Time Show Tie In Flip The Finger / Finger Malfunction Ornament from

Redacted Superbowl Finger

Watch version 1.0, below, and then pay your money in full and wait for just only a minimum of three miniscule weeks as we get MIA to sing the swear words for a fully authentic 2012 Super Bowl Half Time Show Tie In experience.

Yes, now you can flip the finger and hear the specially sung 'go away you' in any of your favorite circumstances:

Mini finger Someone takes your parking space?
Mini finger Someone cuts you up in the car
Mini finger Someone gives you the bird the old fashioned way - using their own finger old school style!!!

Upgrade your finger to the new Official Certification Pending Super Bowl 2012 Half Time Show Tie In Finger Flipper today...

You Know It Makes Finger Flipping Sense!!!

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