Jan 12, 2011
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Mitt Romney: If You Could Choose A Non Copyrighted Superpower What Would It Be, And Why?

Super Mitt

We ask the Republican Party presidential candidates what non copyrighted superpower they would like to have, and why.

Today's guest is Mitt Romney, current front runner and proud to bet $10,000 a time, multimillionaire business man.

Mitt Romney

Mr Romney, welcome to

Thank you so much for having me!

I have given this considerable thought and have decided on the non copyrighted superpower of not having to eat and drink at all... (which leads on to the pleasant side effect of not having to poop or pee at all... Ha Ha!)

I could get so much more work done if I didn't spend, what is it, about 2 hours a day eating and drinking and pooping and peeing?

As you know, at the moment I attend a lot of functions, dinners, and buffet meetings some such, and I am sure you can imagine the amount of persuading I could do if I didn't have to eat and drink while everyone else was tucking into the surprisingly chewy food they put on for a prospective future president of the United States of America, like me...

Many many times I have had to put on hold a brilliant comment, idea, or fact, just because I needed to swallow, or crunch, or accurately deliver the food on my paper plate to my jabbering mouth!!

My new super power would enable me to fully concentrate my time on finding the over filled mouthed supporters for a quick cut in, deliver, and away, super hero maneuver! Job done!

I could meet and greet maybe 150% more people, which could make all the difference - and no more juggling the paper plate and the plastic cup of drink when you want to shake someone's hand!!!

I'm surprised Marvel haven't come up with this before.

If I can't have the superpower of not needing to eat or drink at all, I suppose I could compromise on only eating and drinking, say, 2 hours a month, and then I presumably would need another 2 hours later in the month to do all my pooping and peeing all at once, but that would be little hardship and would still save me a considerable amount of valuable campaigning time.

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