Jan 17, 2011
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Rick Perry: If You Could Choose A Non Copyrighted Superpower What Would It Be, And Why?

Super Rick

We asked the remaining Republican Party presidential candidates what non copyrighted superpower they would like to have, and why.

Today's guest is Rick Perry, born James Richard "RickPerry, a former Texas tenant farmer and most remembered for not being able to remember three things at once.

Rick Perry

Mr Perry, welcome to


Good afternoon to you and yours. God bless.

My copyright free super power that I would most like to have is the ability to be able to sing everything.

I suppose you might imagine that I would like to sing everything in the style of hymns, and that is true for about 95% of the time, however the 5% could easily include some of the more instrumental Lady Gaga tunes, any of the more heterosexual Elton John songs, I quite like Maroon 5 too, but definitely no George Michael.

In these difficult austerity times I think it is important to be able to look on the bright side of things, and singing everything, including policy points, would set me apart from the competition especially in the debates, but also out there in town hall meetings and barbeques.

Singing helps lift moral and doesn't cost anything if you sing with your own mouth and don't perform any copyright tunes in public.

Being able to come up with witty lyrics that rhyme will be a winner in the elections and will give me a boost above the others.

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