Dec 7, 2011
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World Voices: The Supercar Crash In Japan... Have Your Say

Car Controversy

14 expensive cars crashed in Japan last week (13 supercars: 8 Ferraris, a Lamborghini Diablo, a Nissan GT-R Skyline and 3 Mercedes Benz; and a Toyota Prius ) making it the most expensive car crash in history, they say.

Have your say:

Concerned Citizen

Michael Meddley, Christmas Decorator

"No word on what was the cheapest car crash last week? Hmmm. Maybe the 1% are more interesting to read about after all."

Shocked Man
Michael Moore, Film Maker

"It could have been worse. Each could have been carrying a collection of priceless Ming vases in the trunk."


Michael Grey, Hunk Counsellor

"It would be a good plot line for Fast and The Furious 8, assuming they have already drafted plot lines for 6 and 7 already."

Old Gipper
Michael Fish, Fish Cartoonist

"I bet all those cars had been given names by their owners too. Oh the humanity!"

Ape Man

Michael Michaels, Elf Impersonator

"If it was the Prius that caused the crash I say go the 99%!"


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