Dec 27, 2011
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World Voices: Scientists Have Discovered That Elephants Have A Sixth Toe. Have Your Say

New Elephant Digit

The BBC report that scientists have discovered that elephants have a sixth toe [link].

Have your say.

Concerned Citizen

Jimmy Jones, Nose Puncher

"What have these elephant foot scientists been doing all these years if they only now discover a whole new toe?"

Shocked Man
James Fairy, Bilingual Flower Arranger

"So have elephants been secretly flipping the bird to everyone for the last millennia?"


Dexter Morgan, Cereal Killer

"When they take their shoes and socks off elephants can count to 24. If they include their trunk - a long 25. Kudos."

Old Gipper
Larry Grayson, Door Man

"Mmmmh. Elephant toe is a delicacy in some parts of the world. It's like finding a whole n'other chicken wing."

Ape Man

Dick Longone, Porn Star, Semi Retired

"Did I dream this or is there a bird that cleans elephant toes? Or do they have enormous elephant toenail scissors? To be frank, if we don't know this much then it's no wonder humankind has missed a whole new toe all these years."


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