Dec23, 2011
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Christmas Voices: Chocolate Coated Brussels Sprouts... Have Your Say

Sprout Surprise

The Sun has reported that Andy Simpson has created and sold chocolate coated Brussels Sprouts... [link].

Have your say.

Concerned Citizen

Brian Brains, Hangover Sufferer

"The perfect gift for the chocolate lover who hates you."

Shocked Man
Tom Jerry, Burpist

"How many chocolates are there that have a green centre and smell of boiled smelly socks? This guy is on to something."


Gary Bottlestopper, Bronzed God

"Evil genius not seen since Blofeld in the James Bond movies."

Old Gipper
Sherry Hiccup, Christmas Drinks Analyst

"Mmmmh. I do hope I get a Fondue Set for Christmas."

Ape Man

Hugh Slutt, Derivatives Swaps Inverter

"Anything to trick the kids into eating disgusting vegetables."


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