Nov 7, 2011
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New Leonardo da Vinci Conspiracy Probably Revealed, But What Does It Mean?

Before Brown

The latest da Vinci conspiracy surrounds portrait Bacchus (1510-1515).

The picture appears to show a young man sitting as uncomfortably as possible with his left leg cocked over his right in a very awkward position. The left leg is emphasized so we look down to the foot and we see that he has only four toes, the little toe seems to be missing.

Bacchus, detail
Leonardo da Vinci, Bacchus

Looking up, we notice that the semi naked figure is pointing to the top of a stick that appears to be smoking, and with his other hand pointing towards the ground.

We asked our panel of Dan Browns what this could mean.

Concerned Citizen

Dan Brown, Fisherman

"He's advertising a new buttock workout. "

Shocked Man
Dan Brown, Botanist

"The big toe on the left foot is pointing, as are the fingers on the other two hands. =3. This signifies the three significant points of pi, and the flat foot is at an angle of precisely .14159."


Dan Brown, Personal Trainer

"The smoking stick is a prediction that the Occupy movement is going to burn the old capitalist system to the ground in 2012, 2nd April at 4:31 pm precisely, leaving everyone naked in the woods."

Old Gipper
Dan Brown, Meteorologist

"The main color of the picture is Brown? Need I say more?"

Ape Man

Dan Brown, Puppeteer

"Has anyone else noticed the deer in the distant background? That is probably a prediction that the picture will be expensive one day. That da Vinci was a genius."


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