Nov 17, 2011
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Unhate Campaign: Even Fictitious Picture of Israel and Palestine Leaders Can't Get Them To Kiss

Middle East Tears

United Colors of Benetton spend millions of dollars on an international advertising campaign, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on state of the art photo manipulation for the thousands of hours of work it must have taken the artists to achieve realistic looking kisses, and even after all that time and money they still can't get the leaders of Israel and Palestine to kiss, our research below shows.

Unhate - Israel, Palestine

An email spammer on Middle Eastern issues wrote:

"It shows how bad things are between Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas that when, even in a fictitious kiss on the lips, their lips barely touch. You could slip an ice lolly stick between those kissing lips."

Meanwhile, in other fictitious United Colors of Benetton, Unhate kisses:

Unhate Hu and Obama
China and USA - Obama gets a nice bite on President Hu's upper lip.
Unhate - Merkel and Sarkozy
Get a room you two. France's Nicolas Sarkozy, and Germany's Angela Merkel clearly showing affection in their fictitious kiss
Unhate - Obama and Chavez
What Obama and Chavez puckering up would look like
Unhate banned picture
The withdrawn, and now apparently subject to litigation, picture of two world religious leaders was the most passionate with more than a hint of tongues



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