Nov 25, 2011
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Seriously: Jimmy Wales In Wikipedia Marketing Fiasco

I love Wikipedia and use it all the time. Jimmy Wales has decided to eschew advertising and ask for contributions from readers, which is a great idea except someone on Twitter today told me that his picture asking for contributions was on the page and underneath the word Douchebag (ie the subject of the page) appeared... Oops.

But that isn't the worst of it.

I spent from 10:30am GMT to 11:00am 25th November 2011 looking up naughty words on Wikipedia.

It started off as a joke, then after a while it started to feel like shooting fish in a barrel...

All the naughty words I could think of and find using a special Google search, were looked up and it worked for all of them...

Here's what I found.

It would have been easy to photoshop all the following pictures. But I didn't do that, these are genuine screen grabs from the Wikipedia.

Jimmy Wales - Donkey
Jimmy Wales - Dirtbag
Jimmy Wales - Dumbass
Jimmy Wales - Fatass
Jimmy Wales - Fruitcake
Jimmy Wales - Goat
Jimmy Wales - Simpleton
Jimmy Wales - Skidmark
Jimmy Wales - Pussy

Oh Lordy... And those were just the less offensive ones... Click here for the really rude ones... [Here]

The views of Wikipedia are not necessarily our own.

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