Nov 22, 2011
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World Voices: It's OK To Swear At The Police Says A UK Judge. What's On Your Mind?

Police Poser

A judge in the UK (Justice Bean of all names) let a guy off a charge for swearing at the police because the words used (he used the f-word a few times) was commonplace and was unlikely to cause them "harassment, alarm or distress". The full story is on the website here.

What do you say?

Concerned Citizen

Mr G.L Smith, Accountant

"I can't wait to see the episode when Noddy finds out about this judgment. PC Plod has had it coming for years."

Shocked Man
Michael Messiah, Telephone Counselor

"It's a free-for-all next time they fill up the queue in the donut shop."


Jim Peaceout, Mangler

"So you can swear at a police officer, but what if the person is just wearing a police uniform like to a fancy dress party, or stripper grams? The holes in this judgment are starting to appear."

Old Gipper
James T Oldman, Small Fish Trainer

"In my day you knew all the police by their first name and telling them to fuck off was just a joke. Today it's much more sinister."

Ape Man

Ben Brown, Tourettes Sufferer Impersonator

"As a professional tourettes sufferer impersonator I have managed to get away with it for years. I feel slightly piqued that others can now join in the fun."


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