Oct 25, 2011
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Timid World Voices: What's The Most Gangsta Thing You Did Eva?

Grisly YouTube Ending

Sanad al-Sadek al-Ureibi says he killed Gaddafi, which would be pretty gangsta in Libya at the moment.

So, we want to know what's the most gangsta thing you did, like, eva, bro?

Concerned Citizen

Barry Bunyon, Doctor

"Once, in medical school, I sharpened the pages of a popular library book so that the next brother got some serious paper cuts."

Shocked Man
Larry Grayson, Horticulturist

"I drank a large bottle of Coca Cola from a hole I made in the bottom, and then, afterwards, I waited a whole two days before I cleaned my bedroom up even though my Dad got mad. Kudos."


John Cena, Muggle

"I spread sunflower spread on bread with just my fingers."

Old Gipper
Johnny Vaughan, Crumpet QA

"I drew a picture of a penis on an election ballot. That's more difficult than you might think with these electronic machines."

Ape Man

Henk Paulson, Retired Truffle Snouter

"I once got a temporary tattoo of an anchor on my arm."

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