Sept 20, 2011
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Media Voices: How Did You Think Charlie Harper Would Be Killed Off In Two And A Half Men?

Charlie Choice
Two and a Half Men: Charlie Harper was killed off in the first episode of the ninth season, and the reason for his death was that he fell in front of a Paris Metro train and exploded like a 'balloon full of meat.'

Earlier in the year we got our armchair media experts to suggest how Chuck Lorre should kill off the character.

Here were their suggestions...

Concerned Citizen

Gerald Smalls, Nakedologist

"He dies after drinking a contaminated bottle of Tiger Blood."

Shocked Man
Samuel Petit, Body Parts Co-Ordinator

"Fist fight to the death with the house cleaner Bertha on Two And A Half Men."


Mickie Smallpiece, Jiggler

"Zombies attack Malibu, blah blah blah, etc etc..."

Old Gipper
Harry Whip, Archeologist

"A mafia boss, the subject of a jingle written by Charlie, hunts him down and kills him like a dawg. Special guest star: some guy from the Sopranos."

Ape Man

Jerry Mammoth, Finger puncturist

"Electrocuted by erotic Electric Eel massage."


Your reason counts:

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