Sept 22, 2011
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Errors And Omissions From The Last Edition

Sorry !!! has a policy of apologizing in an unmanly way when an error occurs and we strive to report these changes on a regular basis.


We apologize for the un pixilated picture of a naked 'Two and a Half Men' Ashton Kutcher which appeared in an early edition of the paper. We have been asked in particular to apologize to the Society Of Nuns, San Francisco, for any upset caused. We have agreed to toss a small denomination coin into their wishing well.


In our report on the financial crisis we mistakenly printed the names and addresses of the top 100 most hated Goldman Sachs employees most people would like to thump. The list was removed as soon as the error was discovered but copies were taken and were distributed by parties beyond our control. Our lawyers have asked us to stress that any subsequent beatings of these employees is deeply regretted.


On our 'Member them TMZ rip off special picture feature we accidentally put a picture of ET as a growed up Simon Cowell. Sorry.


A picture of Michele Bachmann appeared along with Bugs Bunny, Wile Coyote and Road Runner in our Looney Tunes section by mistake. Mrs Bachmann should have been Daffy Duck.


The 57 Year Old Mom Who Looks 27 picture was wrong. The picture of the Indian Yogi was accidentally marked incorrectly in our bottling factory.


In our How To Lose Half Your Weight In Just 6 Years special advertisement feature, a picture of a hippopotamus was accidentally inserted as the before picture by an employee who has since left the company all of a sudden.

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