August 18, 2011
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World Voices: What's Up With French Acting Legend Gerard Depardieu?

Acting Up

There are conflicting stories about what happened on a flight the other day when French acting legend Gerard Depardieu needed to urinate on a plane that got delayed [story].

One story says he pee'd in a wine bottle and some spilled, others say he just relieved himself in the aisles...

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Concerned Citizen

Bob Perry, Presidential Candidate

"Peeing into a wine bottle is just asking for it. You need a decanter for that."

Shocked Man
Merv Hardwin, Pessimist

"Thank heavens he didn't do it while sitting in the fully reclined position."


Harry Belafonte, Oil Presser

"This is the problem when they lock the toilet doors before take off. I say leave the doors open, give the boys a chance."

Old Gipper
Gipper Tawdrey, French Impersonator

"I would have pee'd in a sick bag and then, later in the flight, if they had only given me one sick bag, I would have vomited lavishly in the aisles. That would have shown them."

Ape Man

Barry Loos, Shoe salesman

"Ha! I can just imagine Cyrano De Bergerac doing that. What a lad."


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