Aug 14, 2011
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Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover Turns Thousands Into Unthinking Zombies, 'Don't Look Into Her Eyes' Says Expert

Zombie Horror
Michele Bachmann - Look Into My Eyes - Newsweek cover hypnotizes thousands
Michell bachmann - Newsweek cover

The Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover is feared to have already zombified thousands since Friday, with the numbers continuing to grow.

Look Into My Eyes
Michelle Bachmann - just eyes, Newsweek cover

Supporters and fans of the Republican senator were said to have turned into unthinking zombies after looking at the picture for just a short period, mumbling phrases like "France is losing its culture," "gotta be submissive to my husband," "submissive means respect" and "Gotta kill Obama."

One observer of the phenomena told this website:

"There is nothing more scary than a couple hundred Republican zombies eating cakes."

Vote For Meeee
Michelle Bachmann - just eyes, Newsweek cover

A different observer said :

"I saw otherwise intelligent people turn from fun loving, laughing, individuals into job creationists after looking into her eyes for just a half of a minute. It's terrifying."

Every Word I Say Makes Sense
Michelle Bachmann - just eyes, Newsweek cover

Tell us what you think when you look into her eyes:

Gotta throw more tea into the harbor.
Must tie heavy weights to my homosexual private parts.
Must kick a democrat.
Mmmmh. Cup cakes.
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