July 5, 2011
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Storm Clouds On The Horizon

Jamaica: Storm Clouds On The Horizon: Jessica Hays has partially awoken from the coma she's been in for the last 6 months, that's to say she has recovered movement in her lower lip, and her index finger on her right hand. Her attempt to point to Ralph's murderer on a clipboard held by Officer Duncan takes most of three episodes and by Friday we still don't know when or where her finger is going to stop.

Meanwhile in the beach house, Brady continues to talk in a French accent after being hit over the head by a coconut while out jogging.

Mi Casa Es Sou Casa

Barbados, Mi Casa Es Sou Casa: Patricia had invited Rogue Bay bad boy Shamus to the villa to confront him shirtless. She gives him a poisoned drink. But Shamus suspects something is afoot and tips his drink out into a pot plant, unbeknownst to Patricia. On refilling his glass before her return he eventually takes a sip and then fakes his own death. As soon as he seems dead enough, Patricia phones Brady to tell him where the gold bullion is ("in the Crete Bank on Lombard Street, password Cret365, and that they can now go and get it now she's killed Shamus who was the only one getting in their way.") Shamus hears everything and his mildly fluttering eyelids tell us he's going to get there first...

Meanwhile at the church, Father John Delorien struggles to control his drinking as news comes to him that McDonalds, the hamburger chain, have put in an offer for the church, and the powers that be are interested in taking the money.

Blood and Gruel Down Pantry Street

UK, Blood And Gruel Down Pantry Street: Mary apologizes to Dot for messing up her laundry by using a cheaper wash setting on the laundromat machine. But is Mary really sorry? The money she saved is being put aside for a nice treat of fish and chips in newspaper wrapper later in the year.

Gordon decides now is the time to go fishing for the first time since his Dad passed away, but where's the bait container? Nobody knows.

Well loved GP Doctor Draper's funeral was attended by the entire street, apart from mysterious outsider Lucien Meeple who stayed at home in his bedroom talking to someone equally mysterious on the internet. Who could this be and what is he/they up to?

The Buff And the Brawny

USA, Los Angeles: The Buff and The Brawny: Jake Sommers and Grant Berkley's evening time shirtless basketball session has opened more cans of worms than they hoped would be sorted out before bounce off.

Meanwhile in the gym: A customer has a heart attack on the new Multiflex Muscle Machine, putting into question plans to sell it on overnight tv in Bermuda.

Whilst in the shower: Sade and Kurt find a quiet public shower to have splashily erotic slow motion PG rated steamy sex.


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