June 26, 2011
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World Voices: US Deficit Talks: A Game Of 'Macho Chicken'?

Macho Mayhem

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Concerned Citizen

Mark Holistic, Macho Man

"Look on the bright side. If this really is the end of capitalism, we beat the end of communism by more than 20 years."

Shocked Man
Jerry James, Hair Stylist

"Macho Chicken? Are you sure Walt Disney doesn't have the copyright on that?"


Gi Smith, Poser

"Come on guy's it's time to strip off, oil up and show us what you've got."

Old Gipper
Jim Gipper, Professional Cowboy Old Timer

"Obama was going on about sending out 70 million checks in August. Why don't they change over to electronic payment methods? That could probably save about $2 trillion in postage alone."

Ape Man

Hairy Manchild, Computer ReBooter

"Didn't they do this storyline on the West Wing once?"


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