July 25, 2011
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Moody's Reduce Rating On Greek Debt From 'Caa1' To 'Doh'

Euro Oh No

Financial News Flash: It is reported that credit rating agency Moody's has reduced Greece's sovereign debt rating down from Caa1 to Doh, instead of the Ca that had earlier been indicated.

A spokesman for the credit rating agency said:

"We considered dropping it three notches from Caa1 to Ca but then thought, why not take it down another 157 points purely for comedic effect?"

It is the first time that a country has had it's credit rating reduced so deeply and sharply on a Monday.

Doh is now arguably the funniest credit rating in financial history.

The Doh rating indicates that the country defaulted about 6 years ago but nobody thought about mentioning it.

A leading columnist told theVoiceofReason:

"This is the first time that a nation's credit rating has been influenced by Homer Simpson. You've got to admire their comedy timing."


The USA's credit rating is AAA (pronounced like you are stretching your body first thing in the morning) at least for another week, according to a man who's surname rhymes with boner.


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