June 9, 2011
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World Voices: What Should Sarah Palin Do In England If Margaret Thatcher Won't See Her?

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Sarah Palin has said she would like to have a meeting with Margaret Thatcher, President Ronald Reagan's political ally from the 80s, when she visits England soon. But former prime minister Thatcher is ill and has mostly withdrawn from public life and rarely accepts visitors. When asked by the Guardian newspaper, a spokesperson for Thatcher apparently said Sarah Palin was a nut.

So, if Sarah 'Nut' Palin is coming to England anyway, what should she do instead?

World have your say.

Concerned Citizen

Michel Pa'lin, Paris, France

"She should make a YouTube video of the first time she eats Marmite on toast with a mug of milky tea."

Shocked Man
Bruce Turnip, Sydney, Australia

"Eat a pork pie without spitting out any of the big really chewy bits."


Randy 'Macho Man' Smith, Elstree, England

"Say the word 'crumpet', and then try to put as many as she can in her mouth at once."

Old Gipper
Perry Düsseldorf, Berlin, Germany

"Try to make a guard in one of those big black hats smile, like the Friends did."

Ape Man

Max Shilling, Wonderful Copenhagen

"Do a live feed with Rush Limbaugh from London moaning that Margaret Thatcher thinks she's a nut."


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