June 14 2011
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World Voices: Is This Mentos In Coke Bottle Video Proof That God Exists?

God Proof Latest

World, have your say.

Concerned Citizen

Jack Honeybeans, Insulter

"You can work out all the physics, but you are still left with the question how can something so randomly hilarious be just so random."

Shocked Man
George Cabbage, Bottle cap inspector

"So is God signed for Coca Cola or Pepsi? I think we should be told."


Jim 'Macho Muscles' Screamer, Guru at large

"If the Mentos and Coca Cola companies ever throw a party together count me in."

Old Gipper
Sam Shortpants, One Armed Traffic Director

"If it really was proof of some omnipotent all powerful God the coke bottle would have gone up the camera man's ass... any supernatural being worth his chips could knock a camera out of someone's damn fool hand."

Ape Man

John Wolfman, Dogs For The Timid (charity)

"You can see an image of a smiling old man just after the bottle hits the camera. Fantastic. Faith confirmed."


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