June 20, 2011
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Today's Opinion: 8 Million Gallons Of Water Had To Be Drained From An Oregon Reservoir After Man Pee'd In It

Silly Story

Joshua Seater, 21, peed in a reservoir in Oregon. He was caught on a security camera and managers at the plant decided to drain the reservoir of its 8 million gallons at a cost of $36,000. []

Sneer away...

Concerned Citizen

Jed Brinkley, Sausage Tester

"Mmmm reservoir water with a pee chaser..."

Shocked Man
Piers Morgan, State Executor

"Thank heavens the security cameras have never caught any birds pooping in the reservoir."


Hugh Montaballon, Animal Acupuncturist

"So they don't filter the water at all when it comes out of the reservoir? What could possibly go wrong?"

Old Gipper
Jim Jamestown, Judge

"Couldn't he see the security camera before whipping out his unmentionables and doing his $36,000 business?"

Ape Man

Jerry Seinfeld, Computer Piler

"I drink a cup of a complete strangers urine every day."


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