June 7, 2011
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World Voices: Australia's UFO Files Have Disappeared. Have Your Say

Aussie Ex Files

Following a Freedom Of Information request the authorities in Australia apparently searched their archives for UFO files, but after looking for two months they now say they aren't there. [].

Have your say.

Concerned Citizen

Barry Palin, Shrimp Eater

"The two months wait is the smoking gun here. Surely they could have told it was all missing on day one? Someone place another Freedom Of Information request to find out the number of suspicious barbecues held by the searching department for that two months period."

Shocked Man
Jimmy Maudlin, Barbecued Meat And Vegetable Skewerer

"So my report that I saw the Sydney Opera House take off one night and then return thirty minutes later to its exact same place has gone forever?"


Randy 'Macho Man' Weiner, Flower Arranger

"LOL. I bet they asked an alien posing as a government official for the information and they just said they were looking and didn't find anything."

Old Gipper
Bruce Bags, Naked Contortionist

"This is the best proof yet that aliens have worked out how to teletransport. They have obviously beamed down, removed the evidence and then beamed it all up again. There is no other credible explanation - nothing just disappears."

Ape Man

Francois Pa'lin, French Activist

"Just when everyone is diverted by the Weinergate conspiracy the Australian government decide to destroy vital evidence of UFO contact. Shame on them."


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