May 15, 2011
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Are You A Planker? Be The Voice Of Reason

Internet Sensation
Planking is a Facebook craze where a person gets a picture taken of themselves lying flat, face down in various positions... like in this video...

Temporary Internet craze or should it be allowed to take over the world? You be the voice of reason...

Concerned Citizen

Max Makeover, Hygienist

"If you fall from a high building while you are planking, does that make you a plonker?"

Shocked Man
Barry Balaclava, Fashion Designer

"If I lay flat and nobody takes a picture am I still a planker or does it make me a wanker?"


Harry Prince, Trainee Royal

"If I lay down flat on the ground wearing an expensive suit in the financial district does that make me a planker banker?"

Old Gipper
'Babyface' Bob Benny, Coffee Drinker

"The last time I laid still, flat on my face, like that someone called an undertaker."

Ape Man

Stealth Seal, Rabbit Hunter

"I planked naked in the street once. Somebody used my ass as a bicycle rack. Kudos bike dudes."


Your reason counts:

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