May 18, 2011
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Exploding Melons From China. Good Or Bad Thing?

More Bang For Your Grocery Buck
Exploding melons from China...

Good or bad thing? You be the Voice of Reason...

Concerned Citizen

Barry Blue, Interior Decorator

"Is it just me or is the idea of an exploding banana delightfully erotic?"

Shocked Man
Barry Green, Yodeller

"Exploding breast implants, now exploding melons. Does God want us to appreciate boobies or doesn't he?"


Barry Red, Retired Child Actor

"Not really an explosion, more like a pop-split. Get it right filler small news people."

Old Gipper
Barry Black, Breath Holder

"I think on balance any exploding vegetable is a bad thing, but a worse thing would be an exploding cow."

Ape Man

Barry Grey, Genitalia piercer

"Attack of the Killer Exploding Melons. You'll never go back into the fridge again... I love summer silly movie season."


Your reason counts:

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