Apr 21, 2011
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Men 'Worried About Internet Porn Use.' Poke Us Your Views

Porn Overdose

United Kingdom: Survey: 25% of men in the 18-24 age range are worried about the large amount of porn they watch, according to a survey by TNS, reported by the BBC [link].

We asked our professional Easter Bunnies what they thought...

Concerned Citizen
Mike Mincing, Easter Bunny

"How much is too much? I reckon I need about a handful six times daily with liquids. Is that too much?"

Shocked Man
Kenny Kimmel, Easter Bunny

"I tried to give it up but I just didn't know what to do with my hands."


Barry Letterman, Easter Bunny

"Did you know that rabbits eat their own droppings? Hmm, I did some research for my Easter Bunny role. Now, that's really something to be worried about."

Old Gipper
Victor Hugo, Easter Bunny

"If you've got enough time to be worried you're not doing it enough."

Ape Man

Barry Werewolf, Easter Bunny

"But the porn workout is my favorite exercise on the Six Pack Abs In Ten Minutes course."


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