Apr 6, 2011
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Dancing With The Stars Contestant Breaks Partner's Legs On Live Show, Self's Bottom Bruised

Breaking Celebtroversy

Entertainment, USA: Millions of viewers watched horrified as a comedy actress broke her Russian partner's legs, just like she was still playing the character that made her famous in a popular sitcom years ago, on live television, earlier today.

She also bruised her own buttocks and shoulder in the fall.

The accident occurred during an ambitious lift in the Mexican Slow Cha Cha, nobody else famous was hurt.

The actress, who had gained 7 pounds to take part in the contest, was said to be comfortable after being dropped on her well padded rear.

If life mimicked the sitcom twenty years before, her character would have worried about breaking her partner's legs all episode before doing exactly what she had been scared of doing before the second commercial break.

She then would have returned to the bar she managed and a short Italian woman, who was much nicer in real life than she was on the show, would have said something to make her run crying into her office.

The Russian was said to be in excruciating pain, but took consolation that he was now in line for a Raspberry for one of the funniest Youtube clips in April so far, the culmination of a successful fifteen years in dance done in front of smaller audiences.

An expert in entertainment said

"Had you asked me Sunday night I would have put money on Charlie Sheen's Detroit show as being the entertainment talking point of the month, but when you see the leg bone of a Russian dancer pop out like that to music on live television then all bets are now off."

Ted Danson was busy working on a new television series when we phoned him for a comment last night.

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