Apr 13, 2011
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Answers To Last Week's Questions

Quiz Of The Week

1) The correct answers were: Lady Gaga on her back under a piano, Kirstie Alley on her bottom and Charlie Sheen's first show in Detroit.

2) The odd one out was the Chernobyl nuclear accident, all the others were unsuccessful candidates on America's Got Talent.

3) The correct order was: 'Two babies talking - one with his sock off', first, followed in any order by 'face painting during Japan earth quake', 'putting a tent up fail in Egypt's Tahrir Square', and 'Col Gadaffi impersonator doing Elvis while dressed as an air stewardess.'

4) Our retro question involved cop cars of the 1970s driving fast down narrow alleys and hitting empty cardboard boxes. The optimal speed, of course, was 17mph but speeded up to look better on television.

5) The winner of the WWE Sew Off was The Miz for creating and hand sewing this pooch body warmer:

Pooch Body Warmer

6) The only possible conclusion is that the Japanese are just as crap at stuff as the rest of us when they are under pressure.

7) The YouTube fail of the week was from an Italian prostitute, who allegedly slept with the Italian prime minister, who claimed she could make love to 17 men at once but had trouble proving it. The video was eventually pulled by the website as it was to be called as evidence in the ongoing legal action against Silvio Berlusconi, and a separate defamation case involving an Italian bed manufacturer.

8) "Yes We Have No Bananas!" was the old people's home/World War Two sing song of the week.

9) Punching the bad guy hard to the throat, running to the window, opening it, jumping out, breaking your fall on one of those fabric sun breakers that they have in grocery shops, sliding to the sidewalk, running as fast as you can to the flower shop on the corner just in time to answer the ringing public phone, is the recommended method of averting international espionage in a small town in France according to leaked CIA files published on last month.

The winner of our two tickets to see Charlie Sheen's second show in Detroit was Ernie Estevez from Placid Heights, Missouri.

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