Mar 3, 2011
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I Know I'm Winning Like Charlie Sheen When...

Winning Sheen
Concerned Citizen
James Dean, Garage Mechanic

"...I can open the pre packed cheese with my own fingers in under thirty seconds and not need to use a knife/scissors or that two handed kitchen axe I bought specially for the purpose..."

Shocked Man
Jean Claud Van Dam, Marmoset Tamer

"...I can go to the movie my girlfriend chooses and not fall to sleep / dribble / snore watching it."


Gary Belafonte, Concussion Giver

"...I can turn the finest wine in the world into a manly strong stream of urine in about five hours - or I can make it come out of my nose in about 10 seconds."

Old Gipper
Barry Sheen, Hypnotist

"This commentator will never be a winner like Charlie Sheen now, at my age. I can't even decide which delicious hat to wear today. I suppose I will have to let my goddesses select one for me again."

Ape Man

Randy King, Christmas Nut Roaster

"Today I held a fully loaded staple gun in my hand and didn't kill my line manager with it. Winning."



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