Mar 29, 2011
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Men Should Never Wear Shorts In The City Says Fashion Guru, Tom Ford. Discuss

Fashion Friction

US designer Tom Ford has said that men should never wear shorts in the city. (Source: Huffington Post)

Have your say.

Concerned Citizen
Michael Moore, Animal Husbander

"Is he having a go at Charlie Sheen?"

Shocked Man
Michael Mann, Horoscope Debunker

"I have a feeling he would be sniffy no matter what I wore."


Michael Spears, Britney Spears Impersonator

"Well, it would save me a fortune on fake tan for my legs this summer."

Old Gipper
Michael Jackson, Leg Expert

"The last time I wore shorts was in 'nam. Thank you, Tom Ford, I will be screaming myself to sleep tonight."

Ape Man

Michael Muffin, Cup Cake Toppings Engineer

"My view is dress for comfort and if your legs upset a few successful fashion designers then you clearly haven't worked hard enough on your leg muscles."


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