Mar 15, 2011
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Say Something Nice About Disney's Turkey 'Mars Needs Moms'...

Disney Disaster

Disney's latest $150mn animated motion picture earned $6.9mn on its debut. It could be one of the biggest write offs in modern Hollywood history (


Concerned Citizen
Victor Booger, Valentines Card Designer (Hearts)

"Surely this movie will relate to any child who hates broccoli?"

Shocked Man
Harry Badbreath, Nudist

"Mmmmmmmmhhhhh popcorn..."


Byron Shelly, Windows 98 Engineer

"Why did it cost $150mn? I can understand you would spend that sort of money on a live actioner because you have to build the sets and do the stunts and pay for the star names etc, but it's animated? I want to see the accounts and how many houses the producers got out of this movie."

Old Gipper
Jimmy Gipper, Yeehargh-ist

"Based on the trailer, it looks like this movie is the scene in the bar from the first Star Wars movie, but it goes on for 88 minutes and the Harrison Ford character is fat. Been there, done it, bought the t shirt and burnt it with my kerosene light saber."

Ape Man

Max Muffin, Hairdresser

"So, Mom gets kidnapped = financial disaster. Mom gets killed (as in Bambi) and it's a huge hit. Disney please note: Kids want more Mom death."


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