Mar 14, 2011
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Answers To Last Week's Quiz

Winning Starts With The First Duh!

The winner of our all expense paid tour of the set of Two And A Half Men with a meet and greet with all the stars after the show, goes to Mr and Mrs Sheila Brown, Sydney, Australia.

The answers to last weeks quiz were:

1) The correct order was:

  • i) Porcupine Blood
  • ii) Lady Gaga's Blood
  • iii) Rabbit Blood
  • iv) Tiger Blood

2) Mincing, milking a cow with Louis Vuitton gloves on, but not Elton John's glasses, are the appropriate gay responses.

3) The correct dance moves were:

Left foot pointy toe, hands make a heart above your head, shimmy, shimmy, blow a kiss and only then take a bow...

4) Controlled demolition of the twin towers; Building 7 falling down like a controlled demolition even though it wasn't hit on September 11th; and why cover up pictures from security cameras of what flew into the Pentagon if it isn't a cover up? but not Crazy Horses by The Osmonds (it is clearly Wayne on the organ).

5) Ermatrude The Cow is wearing a scale replica of the bright blue outfit Col Gadaffi is fond of with cabin crew air stewardess hat over the left ear.

Gadaffi blue hat

6) The correct answers were:

  • a) "I am a blood sucking Warlock, ssssssllluuurrp"
  • d) "I can make Tiger Blood come out of my eyes if I hold my nose and suck my breath in hard enough"
  • f) "Duh! Winning."

All the others were quotes from Hannibal Lecter or Simon Cowell.

7) Radio Gaga, Lady Gaga, and Makes Me Wanna Gaga Ice Cream made out of snake milk.

8) This was a trick question. It was Homer Simpson who said "Doh, Winning" not Charlie Sheen who said "Duh, Winning."

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