Feb 13, 2011
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Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me That US Ally Hosni Mubarak Was Such A Bad Guy For The Last 30 Years? Have Your Say

And Don't Come Mubarak (Headline from The Sun)

A reader wrote in to ask:

"Why didn't you tell me that US ally Hosni Mubarak was such a bad guy for the last 30 years?" Concerned, Guadeloupe.

Have your say, free dudes...

Concerned Citizen
Jerry Germany, Nazi Fetishist

"Yea, uhm, you must have missed the Bilderberg meeting."

Shocked Man
Harry Harryhouser, Blogger Blagger

"What's interesting about a country that does exactly what it's told to do by the USA?"


Hosni Poseup, Unemployed Shirtless Dude

"He had a good disguise: Mubarak didn't have a dictator mustache."

Old Gipper
Pete Patter, Amateur Megalomaniac

"Sharm El Sheik was where they had those tourists killed by sharks last December... See, when Egypt is interesting I take notice, for torture I have my 24 reruns."

Ape Man

Mo Wilbethere, Goat Milk Specialist

"I can't be expected to know everything. I was too busy watching Jersey Shore. Go Ronnie and JWOW!"

  Now, have your say...

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