Feb 24, 2011
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What's So Dangerous About Piers Morgan? Throw Us Your Views

Piers Moron (Name (c)

Piers Morgan has taken over the Larry King slot on CNN. The publicity campaign introducing the show said he would be dangerous. But has he succeeded so far?

Concerned Citizen
James Franco, Actor and rock climber

"He will need to shave his head and get a white cat before he's anywhere near dangerous enough for this reviewer."

Shocked Man
Jason Statham, Painter/ Decorator/Botox injector

"Is it me, or does Morgan's face move numbly? Perhaps his face is so pumped full of botox he's dangerous in the dribbling on air sense?"


Sylvester Stallone, Professional Hard Man

"He says arse instead of ass."

Old Gipper
Charles Sheen, Party Coordinator

"A man's dangerousness starts with the first step. Perhaps they could fly him out to interview Gadaffi? Please. ASAP."

Ape Man

Piers Morgan, Ventriloquist

"He was sacked from editor of The Daily Mirror in the UK for being dangerous. He published fake pictures that put our solider's in danger. (Insert uneasy canned laughter here)"

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