Feb 8, 2011
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"Man killed by armed bird at California cockfight, was stabbed by rooster with attached knife," Have Your Say

Bird Brained

To read the full genuine story from the Los Angeles Times it's here. (Basically a 35 year old man died at a cockfight after a bird with a knife attached to it's leg stabbed him in the calf...)

Concerned Citizen
Harry Lion, Vetinarian

"Can a bird be armed? Wouldn't it be legged, or winged even?"

Shocked Man
Ben Cockslinger, Radio Cockfight commentator

"Ouch, that's gotta hurt."


Burt Squirrel, Professional Hunk

"A Darwin Award is just too good for him."

Old Gipper
Murray Moocow, Yeehargh! Advisor

"So, is that a win for the bird then?"

Ape Man

Donald Duck, Suicidal

"This sounds more like sports entertainment pro cock wrestling to me and not a real fight at all."

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