Feb 6, 2011
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Charlie Sheen Offered Role In Adult Movie Remake Of Wall Street

Hollywood News

Charlie Sheen has been offered a role reprising his performance in a big budget pornised version of the 1987 hit movie Wall Street.

Gordon Gecko, originally played by Michael Douglas, will be rewritten as a sexually active female with a stable of young pert analyst-nymphomaniacs, according to sources close to the script writing process.

Scenes set in a bankers office, bathroom, private jet, elevator and twice in a stable (once on and once off a horse) have already been written.

A scene in which Sheen's character has sex in handcuffs before being taken out of the office in tears by the police has been scrapped due to copyright claims.

Sheen's character name Bud Fox will remain if copyright issues can be resolved with Twentieth Century Fox.

Possible names for the project include

Bang Street

Bud Fox: Back In the Saddle


Wall Street: This Time It's Naked

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