Jan 5, 2011
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Do Power Balance Bracelets Work? Have Your Say

Power Balance Controversy

The makers of Power Balance bracelets have made the following statement in an Australian court:

"We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims."  (Source)

Power Balance bracelets

Have your say. 

Concerned Citizen
Big Bob Jr, Office Manager

"I bought mine on Ebay from a guy who sold it because he claimed it gave him bad luck. I was initially skeptical but after secretly putting it on people I hate in the office I am impressed. Three broken legs, a black eye and one guy stuck in the toilet since last Tuesday."

Shocked Man
Billy Joe Jim Bob, Red Neck Impersonator

"I bought the Power Balance belt and can honestly say my trousers haven't fallen down even once."


Mitch Baywatch, Breast Beater

"I am pleased to report that they work just as well under water."

Old Gipper
Harry Pantaloon, Personal Shopper

"I bought one for my dog's cocking leg. The stream of urine instantly became more assured and better directed. Kudos Power Balance doggie dudes."

Ape Man

Ben Werewolf, News Reader

"They also laughed at Squirmels in the 1970's - who's laughing now?"


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