Jan 13, 2011
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The Five Top Piss Artists To Watch For In 2011

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1) Harry Wannamaker: Guy Trying To Put His Sandal On When Pissed was one of the YouTube sensations of 2010. This year Harry is planning a tour of Europe's music festivals, including Glastonbury and Leeds. He tells "Putting a t-shirt on the right way round when out of my head is the aim for 2011, but I need to get it down to under 10 minutes."
2) Jerry Slacker: After a couple of quiet years, Jerry is set to make a triumphant comeback in 2011, according to his business manager. Last seen in the classic Pissed Out Of My Head In A Convenience Store, in 2009, he is literally setting his sights much higher in 2011. Adding more danger to his next video, Jerry, 34, plans to tackle the highest convenience store in the world where there is a sheer drop of 500 feet just outside the exit.
3) C U Jimmy McTavish: Dubbed as the Ultimate Pisshead by his poster on YouTube, Jimmy is determined to up his game in 2011. "I want to include busier streets and main roads with traffic in. I can't help but see everything I did wrong in my last video. I've got much more to offer."
4) Vladimir 'The Drunk Snail' Portovsky: Following an enforced break from performing due to various copyright infringement claims for his performance in the video Crossing A Busy Road Like A Snail When Drunk, Vladimir is back on form after a sell out tour of bars in eastern Europe. This year look out for Surfing Like A Drunk Snail and Singing In Drunken High Pitched Voices Until The Camera Breaks Or I Fall Asleep."
5) 'Old' Yung-Yung Ping: Vietnam's oldest piss artist plans a retrospective of his work this year in the Hanoi Museum of the Pissed Arts. One of the most successful piss artists in Vietnam for many years, Yung-Yung's drink cookbook 'Ten Legal Drinks To Blow Your Head Off' topped the Hanoi Times bestseller list for five weeks."
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