Jan 11, 2011
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"I Am Proud That I Love Musical Theatre So." Have Your Say

Musical Open House
Concerned Citizen
Jerry Bruckville, Construction Worker

"Don't ask, don't sing."

Shocked Man
Harry Tate, Sports Promoter

"Singing in the shower into the soap, or Jim, my small yappy type dog, is all this reviewer knows about the subject."


Eric Smith, Benchpresser

"Me and some of the guys on the football team went to the cinema to try to burn their print of the Sound of Music. Who knew it wasn't the only copy?"

Old Gipper
Mr J. Burdeon, Retired Pencil Sharpener

"I know all the backing vocals for all the shows. So if you want a "doo wap wap" a "shooby doo be doo" or a "yaaaa yeee woooww," I'm your man"

Ape Man

Jack Creepy, Ponderer

"Let Spiderman The Musical be a lesson for us all."

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