Jan 30, 2011
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White House Admits Policy Of 'Finger Wagging' At Egypt's Leaders Has Failed

Finger Failure

Attempts to finger wag Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak into doing the right thing has failed, admitted the White House late last night.

Mubarak and Obama Finger Wagging
Hosni Mubarak vs Barack Obama, during finger wag off (

Defending the finger wagging policy, a White House insider said:

"It's a judgment call. Some foreign leaders respond to a good finger wagging, others don't.

Unfortunately President Mubarak of Egypt just wagged his finger back.

It's virtually unprecedented for a world leader to be called to the White House for a full presidential finger wagging only for it to come back with interest. Normally they are scared."

Witnesses at the impromptu finger wag off told this website:

"It was tense. Both were playing up to the cameras, neither was prepared to drop their finger mid wag as that would show weakness.

In the end they both walked out of the room with their fingers in the air, neither of them backing down.

It was a diplomatic stand off and there were no winners."

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