Dec 13, 2010
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Wikileaks: Santa Claus Is a 'Conspiracy Perpetrated by Parents On Their Children, Aided By Multinationals'

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Santa Claus is a conspiracy perpetrated on children by their parents, Wikileaks is to claim later in the week, to coincide with the peak Christmas shopping rush.

The controversial website says it has seen evidence that the conspiracy is being supported by multimillion dollar corporations interested only in making money from cynically servicing the conspiracy in over 100 countries.

Santa Claus
Popular image of Santa Claus

Thousands of what Wikileaks describe as 'corporate, sponsored' fake Santa Claus's are currently being employed in stores across the globe.

Special appearances on television and in newsprint, of these Santa's, are designed to 'give credence' to what is described as 'one of the most pervasive conspiracies of the last 100 years'.

Television presenters and news readers working for some of the world's largest media outlets who threaten to tell children the truth have been sacked on the spot.

Gifts given by the fake Santa's are usually made in China and not by elves in the North Pole, but any attempt to get this message out in the media is 'thwarted' by hundreds of 'self censors' employed by large multinationals.

Companies such as Walt Disney and Wal Mart are singled out by Wikileaks as two of the most guilty corporations which, through perpetrating this massive fraud on the young and vulnerable, have amassed huge amounts of money.

Rudolph Red Nosed reindeer
Rudolph - dead 54 years

There is even evidence that Rudolph the red nosed reindeer died in 1956 and since has been cynically replaced with an ordinary reindeer with a nose made out of a red light bulb glued to his face.

The revelations have been condemned as 'the end of childhood innocence' by parent groups in four continents.


Did You Know? The Dreamweaver spell checker keeps asking if Wikileaks should be winkle.


The images, above, are from Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, a public domain cartoon. You can download this for free from's video site, here.

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