Dec 23, 2010
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In Catalonia They Celebrate The Holiday Season In A Special Way. Have Your Say Holiday Picture Special

Catalan Controversy

They are called caganer which seems to translate into something like "the defecators" and no nativity scene in Catalonia, apparently, is without one (source).

Who would you most like to see with their trousers down and pooping this holiday season?

Have your say...

Concerned Citizen
David Beckham, Dave's Dry Cleaners

"Even after a successful couple of weeks, Nobel Peace prize winning president Barack Obama would be top of my list."

Barack Obama Caganer

Shocked Man
Benny Hill, Humanities Lecturer

"Oh, that's just gross. Ew ew eew eeeeeeee wwwww!!! Albert Einstein"

Albert Einstein Caganer

Jay Leno, Driving Instructor

"What? Huh? Again? Is Catalonia even a place? Is this some kind of sick joke to make me feel bad about Christmas? Spongebob Sqarepants."

Spongebob Sqarepants Caganer

Old Gipper
Jerry 'The Situation' Littlejohn, Brawler

"OMG. Spiderman"

Spiderman Caganer

Ape Man
Tom Jerry, Exterminator

"How lovely. Anything festive for this reviewer."

Santa Claus Caganer


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