Dec 12, 2010
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Last Minute Gift Ideas: 101 Things To Do With A Dead Madoff

Book of the Month

Give the gift of topical humor this festive season with what is tipped to be the humor book from a humerous website book of the year when the list is compiled by this website in January...

101 Things To Do With A Dead Madoff

101 Things To Do With A Dead Madoff by Greta Gargle: Entertain your family and friends with 101 things to do with a dead Madoff, fully illustrated on each side of the 53 compact pages.

Things such as:

32: A hat stand

45: A door stop

56: A bicycle stand

74: A dinosaur's sanitary towel

(And if you were wondering even when he's dead, financial advisor doesn't make the list.


Only $9.99 from all good garage sales and back street drug dealers.


In other seasonal news: Wikileaks set to reveal, Tuesday, Santa Claus is an elaborate conspiracy committed by parents on their children. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is dead.

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