Nov 22, 2010
The home of world comedy spoof entertainment +++ Advice On How To Get Rich

What Is Your How To Get Rich Idea? Have Your Say

Get Rich Or Die Strangely
This guy seems to believe that by thinking you are rich, and asserting it to yourself while tapping parts of your body you will become rich... Have your say...
Concerned Citizen
Gary Ingenious, Ingenious Toupees CEO

"I'm not stupid, I'm not stupid. Tap top of the head, tap left ear, tap right ear, tap front teeth."

Shocked Man
Barry Burp, Personal Body Noises Counselor

"I am rich, I am rich. Press/squash nose down, pull both ears out like Dumbo, squash nose flat again, stick my tongue out."

John Travolta, Topless Night Club Bouncer

"I am rich. I am rich. Slap myself across the face. Take my shoe off: hit myself on top of the head with my shoe, then the left shoulder / right shoulder. "

Old Gipper
Mickey Mouse, Hurler

"I am rich, I am rich. Grab my head by the hair, pull myself towards the wall, bang my head on the wall three times, say 'ouch', roughly pull myself back towards the chair by my hair, sit myself roughly down, repeat until I think I am a millionaire."

Ape Man
Jim Dale, Kareokee words typer

"I look like Brad Pitt without the beard. I look like Brad Pitt without the beard. But I'm not telling where I'm touching."

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