Nov 4, 2010
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Is Obama Facing Two Years Of Gridlock? Have Your Say

Mid Term Madness
Concerned Citizen
Mark Saddle, Horse Engineer

"Yes, ha, gridlock.




Congestion, hmmm, congestion?







Shocked Man
C4PO, Star Wars Enthusiast

"I don't know, what does Jon Stewart think?"

Jim Slither, Financial Advisor

"If anyone can come up with a Zen And The Art Of Government Legislation it is Barack Obama."

Old Gipper
James Juror, Professional 'What If' Guy

"It'll be just like when a piece of toast has gotten stuck in the toaster and you pull it gently and a bit of it tears off and a chunk gets stuck at the bottom and you shake the toaster for a bit but it doesn't come out and you eventually pull the plug out of the wall and then get a knife and start prodding about to try to get the rest of it out but by the time you've finished it's all just a load of crumbs and bits and the bit you pulled out to start with is cold now and not toasted enough and you don't have enough time to eat it because you have to go out to milk the cows."

Ape Man
Steve Shore, Miss World Fan

"It'll be like when you want to go to the toilet and you sit there and read the paper for a bit, do the crossword even, and nothing happens and after about half an hour of that you give up and go look for something in the medicine cabinet to take to help - but that half hour is two years."

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