Nov 8, 2010
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Large Hadron Collider Scientists Upgrade Latest Bang to 'Little Big Bang'

Latest Final Frontier

Breaking 8th November 2010: Scientists at the European Large Hadron Collider confirmed, two hours ago, that the Bang! we reported yesterday morning has now been upgraded to a Little Big Bang.

Little Big Bang - Cern November 2010

It took scientists almost five hours of checking to confirm that it was more than just an ordinary vanilla Bang! that was heard, and that nobody had died.

A scientist at the scene told this web site:

"We had to do some tests to check that the Bang! was no ordinary Bang!

After running preliminary tests on the computer (and the fact that the computer was still sitting on the table in the room next door to where the the Bang! happened) it became clear that this was no ordinary Bang!

This Little Big Bang is huge."

Scientists say that temperatures of a million times the heat of the centre of the sun were recorded after lead ions were collided successfully.

As soon as it was clear that the walls of the Large Hadron Collider hadn't melted and screaming scientists, catering staff and cleaning personnel weren't running from the scene, the press officer of the facility was available to answer questions.

Had it gone wrong many could have died. 310 million of them Americans.


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