Nov 17, 2010
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What Is Your Favorite 'Deathly Hallows' The New Harry Potter Movie Spoiler?

Potter Prowess
Concerned Citizen
Mystic Midge, Ultavox Engineer

"Hagrid loses 200 pounds during the movie to win slimmer of the year. Seriously, how do you celebrate that? Drink a glass of water?"

Shocked Man
Harry Potty, Stamp Collector

"Dumbledore's version of It's Raining Men is out of this world."

Burt Lancaster, Pec Bouncer

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yea, who is the main character who dies in this (or the next movie?) Hmmm. Who are you thinking?"

Old Gipper
Mick Matchlight, Surfer

"LOL. Vibrating broomsticks and witches with high pitched voices have always made me laugh."

Ape Man
Barry Burgundy, Miss World 1957

"One character is gay and at least four characters are not, assuming they don't get trapped in a loveless heterosexual marriage and make the most of it scavenging moments of sexual satisfaction from illicit meetings on the internet behind their partners backs in a sordid and ultimately self destructive fashion."

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