Oct 29, 2010
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Sony Stops Making Cassette Walkmans, Have Your Say

Sony Go Go
Concerned Citizen
Harry Belafonte, Electrician

"I was the original Rick Roller back in the 80s. I would cause some kind of diversion to the Walkman listener - while they were disorientated I would replace their cassette with Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up and then watch them fall over again when they pressed play, later. Hilarious."

Shocked Man
Wayne Rooney, Unemployed

"I still can't listen to a perfect recording of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. If I don't hear that wonky bit on my tape where the sound dips and then it sounds like they are playing in a lavatory for about 5 seconds it just doesn't work for me."

Larry Grayson, Crocodile Trainer

"If you made a mistake half way through making a mix tape you had to start again. It instilled a discipline lacking in today's point and click mp3 generation."

Old Gipper
Bruce Forsythe, 1940's Computer Technician

"I am still waiting for a genuinely portable record player and the jet pack they promised us in the 70s."

Ape Man
David Beckham, Astronaut

"What sad bastard is buying the cassette Walkman today anyway and where are they getting the tapes from?"

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