Oct 13, 2010
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What Does This Video Of The Presidential Seal Falling Off A Podium As Obama Speaks Mean? Have Your Say


Think you?

Concerned Citizen
Jerry Meedsden, Thinker

"Had that happened under George Bush we all would have said that's pretty low on the Bushism scale - assuming Bush didn't fall head first over the top of the podium looking at the space on the front where the seal used to be."

Shocked Man
Berry Talbot, Youtube watcher

"Am I the only one who can see the witchy spells of Christine O'Donnell at work here?"

Jim Jiggle, Logistics Manager

"Did he say that someone back stage is shitting bullets?"

Old Gipper
Arthur Munchkin, Short Person Specialist

"A great president would have carried on as if nothing had happened."

Ape Man
Mike Gorilla, Squirrel Tamer

"The Superbama of old would have run to catch the seal before it hit the ground, replace it from whence it fell, and return to his speech with no one noticing. I am bitterly disappointed."

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